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Buffalo crafts from Yubu Island

    A small island located cheek by jowl with Mihara Village, the eastern edge of the island.  It takes about 40 minutes from Kanpira-so by car.  Presently only one family of Mr. Iriomote is living there.  Since a ford lies between Iriomote Island and Yubu Island, we can cross over by walk.  For sightseeing, such a buffalo craft is tasteful.  Sometimes a car also goes and comes between the two islands "through the sea".  There are some tourist facilities such as a tropical botanical garden in Yubu Island, an entrance fee being 1300 yen (including the buffalo craft fee, half price for children).  To see a home page of Yubu Island, click here.
An over view of Yubu Island from the sky. Yubu Island seen from Iriomote.  We can cross over by walk.
A buffalo pond at Iriomote side.  Buffaloes are relax like this in their free time.
Mayapushiki, a kind of mangrove, growing at a buffalo craft terminal area of Iriomote side.  It is characterized by needle-like roots explored in the air.  Also, there are many mud skippers and fiddler crabs on this tidal flat.
Buffalo crafts, a feature of Yubu Island.  Ten plus several people can ride on.
It is going to Yubu Island with many guests. This is a returning craft from Yubu Island.
A car running to Iriomote from Yubu "through the sea".  All of transportation to Yubu Island is made by this way.
Buffalo craft terminal in Yubu Island. A buffalo pond located also in Yubu Island.
Fan plantain (exotic species). A gajumaru tree showing a splendid form.
Kohama Island seen from East Beach of Yubu Island. Cape Kuba of Kohama Island seen through Yonara Channel.
A huge Iriomote wild cat. Otaniwatari, an ephiphytic plant.
Ryukyu wild boar being bred in a boar farm. A parent and child of the boar.
Goats which are popular in Okinawa. A free range young turkey.
Also, an ostrich, strangely. A race of hibiscus.
A deigo tree. Vase palms (exotic species). Main gate of closed Yubu Elementary School.
Sugar apple fruits cultivated. Unknown exotic tropical plant - 1.
Bougainvillea (exotic species). Unknown exotic tropical plant - 2.
A race of hibiscus. A race of hibiscus.
Streets inside Yubu Island.
A craft operator may play the sanshin. A guest can try it.
A buffalo powerfully drawing a craft. Well-developed horns of the buffalo.
The buffalo is well-behaved... We can do like this.
     About a history of Yubu Island until now, a book of "Rakuen o tsukkutta otoko (A man who made a paradise" is published.  You can purchase it with an Internet online system.  For details, please see here.