An institution of the Environment Agency located in Komi.  It takes about 40 minutes from Kanpira-so by car.  This is to protect important animals such as Iriomote wild cat, also having good exhibits, being a small museum of natural history.  Inside the institution, explanation panels and stuffed specimens of animals which inhabit the island are exhibited, so we would recommend you to visit here for deeply knowing of nature of Iriomote.  There is a breeding cage for rehabilitation for the weaken wild cats which were injured by an traffic accident and so on.  And we can watch their behavior in real time through a video monitor set inside the institution. This still image of the wild cats are available also at this Web site.  Further, exhibition woods where we can observe various plans is created next to the institution.  Guide to visit this center is as follows; in particular, be careful that every Monday are closed.

Open time   From 10 o'clock, AM to 4 o'clock, PM
Closed days Every Monday, holidays (except Children's Day (5/5) and Culture Day (11/3), the War Memorial Day (6/23), Year-end and New Year (12/29--1/3)
Entrance charge   Free
Telephone   0980-85-5581
Facsimile   0980-85-5582
Panels with explanation easily understood A stuffed specimen of Ryukyu wild bore
Stuffed specimens of various birds exhibited the island
Promotion video of nature of the island with a splendid film An exquisite model of Iriomote Island
Stuffed specimens of Iriomote wild cat